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As B2B marketing moves into the online world, advertisers are searching for new lead generation vehicles that are cost effective, measurable and performance-based. These marketers are reducing their budgets in traditional print and internet advertising campaigns and searching for publishers that will engage on a pay-for-performance basis.

In this performance marketing model, publishers carry advertiser’s ads and links on their Web sites. When a visitor clicks through on the link to the advertiser’s Web site and registers for an incentive, a lead is created and the publisher receives a commission. Publisher can also utilize this performance model to provide a new lead-based ad channel for their existing advertisers.

 TW Networks (TWN) offers publishers the following benefits:

  • Enhances revenue and monetization from Web site traffic
  • Ability to attract new clients not participating in traditional online ad programs
  • New lead-based ad option as a compliment to existing ad programs
  • Maintains insertion flexibility with no risk
  • No implementation costs or changes to ad serving model

Unlike the traditional ad model, where advertisers select and buy ad units, publishers that join TW Networks maintain complete control over the advertisers that appear on their site and ads they choose to carry. There are no minimum insertion levels. The publisher is free to choose among available advertiser campaigns and can insert and delete ads from their Web site at any time.

TWN manages the interface between advertisers and publishers. Acting as a third-party “network manager,” we maintain the infrastructure that tracks Web visitors from the ad links on the publisher’s site back to the advertiser’s site where the lead is generated. And we record when a lead is registered to meet the advertiser’s criteria. In addition,
TWN serves as the banker and handles the flow of commission payments from the advertiser to the publisher. We manage the affiliate network of publishers and recruit advertisers into the network, eliminating the need for publishers to commit precious sales resources.

There are no fees or charges to a publisher for joining and participating in the network, all fees are paid by the advertiser.

When joining TWN, publishers receive the following free services:

  • Advertiser recruitment
  • Network management infrastructure that tracks leads, click-through activity and commissions
  • Password-protected portal to monitor performance
  • Notification when new ad campaigns are available

For a Web presentation on this exciting new opportunity to monetize your Web site and generate incremental revenue, contact TWN at 781-793-9389 or

Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From A New Pay-For-Performance Strategy