For Advertisers

As B2B marketing moves into the online world, advertisers are exploring new targeted lead generation vehicles that are measurable and performance-based. They’re searching for affiliate marketing programs and publishers who will engage on a pay-for-performance basis and share the risk of lead generation.

In this performance marketing model, publishers will carry ads and links on their Web sites without the upfront cost of traditional advertising programs. When a visitor clicks through on the ad, visits the advertiser’s Web site, and registers for an incentive or offer, a lead is created. The advertiser pays the publisher a commission for each lead that meets specific qualifying criteria. Commission per-lead-rates are determined by the advertiser.

However, in this new model, it is the publisher who chooses the ads they want to carry and when and where they want to place them. This means advertisers must compete for the publishers’ attention by offering incentive-based ads that will generate leads and pay an attractive commission rate per lead.

What does TWN do?

TW Networks (TWN) offers advertisers access to networks of B2B publishers and manages their interaction. We provide advertisers engaging in our performance marketing programs with the following services:

  • Ad campaign and incentive/offer development
  • Commission structure development
  • Publisher recruitment
  • Network infrastructure and management
  • Creative services
  • Campaign analytics, measurement and optimization

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Performance Advertising: How B2B Marketers Can Benefit From A New Pay-For-Performance Strategy